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"It's a miracle!" - Kathy Logan, Des Moines, IA

"Clean Sweep Carpet Cleaning is the best, best, best!" Bill, Central Iowa

"Seriously, Clean Sweep is the only way to go if you have pets and want to keep your carpet in good shape" - Alice Kurr, Burwick, IA

Why Choose Clean Sweep?

We give you the most amazing clean you have seen. We've serviced the Des Moines and Ankeny area for over forty years.

Our people, pet, and planet safe cleaning process will ensure that you not only get the most amazing clean, but that it is safe for you and your family. Clean Sweep Carpet Cleaning has over 40 years experience as a family owned and operated business. We know you love your family and pets as much as we love our own. We also know that you would rather be spending your money spoiling them than on a carpet cleaner. So don't waste your money on other cleaners with fancy claims. Go with the one who cares about you and your family. Go with Clean Sweep Carpet Cleaning.

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Emergency Services

We understand that accidents happen. Often at the worst times possible. If you have a stain that you want out before it has a chance to set in and ruin your carpet or need that spot gone before the spouse gets home and finds out, give us a call at 1-515-965-2460! We're close by in the Des Moines area.

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Preventative Carpet Cleaning

Keep your carpet looking like new.

The IICRC recommends having your carpet cleaned at least once per year for moderate traffic areas even more frequently for heavy traffic areas. Call us today to have your carpet cleaned before it becomes dull and dingy.

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Restorative Cleaning

For the carpets that have gone beyond "normal" cleaning. Clean Sweep has over 40 years experience getting out the stains the other guys leave behind. If you think that the only hope for your carpet is replacement, give Clean Sweep a call. We can typically get your carpet looking great even when everyone else has failed.

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What are people saying about us?

Five years ago I was ready to replace my 15 year old pet stained carpet, but decided to try one more carpet clean. I had used Service Master and others in the past, and they were not good at removing stains. Brian removed all stains and restored the carpet completely. Now I will never get new carpet! Seriously, Clean Sweep is the only way to go if you have pets, and want to keep your carpet in good shape.

- Alice Kerr, Berwick

I have used Clean Sweep Carpet Service for 8 years. I have always been pleased with the knowledge, professionalism and the outcome of the cleaning project. Not only does my general carpet/furniture cleaning look excellent when done, but they have always done outstanding with special stains, pet stains and odors. I had one bedroom where the cat had urinated several times which added to the variety of odors from a teenagers room. They were able to get the stain and the odor out after I had tried several times myself. I recently bought a chair that I didn't realize had nicotine odor until after I got it home. I cleaned it myself twice, and tried several remedies that I found on the internet which did not solve my problem. I called Clean Sweep and asked if they would be able to help me and he came and got the job done. I know longer smell smoke. As a matter of fact, the chair actually looks brighter than it did. I recommend Clean Sweep above any other carpet cleaner I have ever used.

- Sheila Hudson, Google+

I live in Iowa City and I had a carpet that had been flooded with rain water. It smelled really bad, I hired two Iowa City carpet cleaners to clean the carpet. Afterwords, the carpet still had a bad smell to it. A friend gave be the name of Clean Sweep Carpet Care in Ankeny, Iowa and told me that if anyone could save the carpet this company could. So I called them and Brian the owner drove all the way here at no extra charge and cleaned the carpet with his amazing truck.

The carpet is now perfect - no smell. I could not recommend Brian and Clean Sweep enough.

Awesome job and I am happy customer.

- Dave Smith, Iowa City, Google+

It's a miracle!!! I splattered purple candle wax on light freesia carpet. Brian answers a panicked call from me on a Saturday afternoon during his step daughter's high school graduation open house. Tells me to stop doing what Google has told me to do...iron and paper towels because I may have just made it impossible for him to get the stain out. Using the iron removes the wax from the carpet, but leaves the stain in the fibers. Eekkk. Brian works me into the schedule on Monday. He and Curtis arrive, and Brian starts working his magic on the stains. Yahoo!! It worked, the stains come completely out! Amazingly satisfied. I highly recommend Clean Sweep. They have cleaned our carpets the past six years and are always professional, friendly and dependable. And the customer service is over the top!!!

- Kathy Logan, Des Moines, IA

Ankeny Clean Sweep did an excellent job cleaning my apartment and exceeded my expectations. The carpet was very clean, soft, hardly wet, and smelled fresh. The workers were friendly, explained the cleaning process, and were fast and efficient. The price was very reasonable for the high quality of cleaning that was performed. I am very happy with my experience and will use Ankeny Clean Sweep in the future. 

- Karen Overman, Google+

Brian was very professional, personable and quick to get to work. He arrived ON TIME which was impressive since I was in the middle of his day.  I also appreciated him evaluating our carpets right away and determining the right care for each rug.  It was customized! I could instantly tell this was not his first day on the job.  He then told me his family's been in the business since 1969! Love supporting family, long-time and local businesses! My husband came home and was surprised how much better our stairs and hallway appeared from what we'd done previously with a competitor.  The carpet looks much improved and is softer, cleaner than ever before (we do not have pets; just a toddler).  I would highly recommend using Ankeny Clean Sweep over a heavily-advertised competitor we've used in the past.  The cost was comparable but the service and product much, MUCH better!  Highly recommend & we'll be using Ankeny Clean Sweep in the future for all our carpet cleaning.

- Jessica Webb, Google+

Brian came in and cleaned my carpets today and I will say I was very impressed with the job he did. My carpet are the cleanest they have been in a long time. With 3 dogs 2 cats and two teenagers my carpets were in desperate need of a good cleaning. Not only did that happen, but the price to clean them was the price he quoted me no bait and switch [...] So nice to see a business stand by their work. Will definitely call them again and refer to friends.  

- Teresa Andersen, Google+

I chose Clean Sweep to clean the nearly 50-year-old carpet in our rental house. It was filthy. I could tell where the furniture sat because there was a visible line where there was a difference in color. It now looks fantastic. I can no longer tell where the furniture sat. Clean Sweep Carpet Care is the best, best, BEST!

- Bill, Central Iowa

Amazing! We adopted a cat from ARL hoping she would fit in with our family and new home. After 2 months I noticed a urine smell in our basement, so I investigated a little further ... and was horrified. She urinated all along the border of the carpet, the spare bedroom was the worst. I went on the internet and found Clean Sweep. I expected them to say the carpet needed replaced because cat urine is much worse then dog. He came to the house to see what we could do. He took an ultraviolet stick and showed me all the places she had peed. It was much worse then I thought. He gave me three options to clean my carpet. I chose the enzyme cleaning. WOW! I can't smell anymore urine and the carpet looks new! I would highly recommend Clean Sweep for all your tough carpet issues. They saved me from replacing all the carpet.Thank you!!!! 

- Barbara Vaske, Google+

Thank you Clean Sweep Carpet Care for your professional service! No gimmicks...just quality work! They don't put their competition down...their service does the talking for them. Curtis works quietly and quickly to do the job right the first time. In our home and in our business we highly recommend them.

- Brandon Young, Google+

We have been doing business with the Brenneke family, AKA Clean Sweep since 1975 when my husband and I started a business in West Des Moines. Their services for us have included both commercial and personal ever since! Brian cleans our home's carpets twice a year and knows exactly what to do with tough stains and spills. He is on top of his game when it comes to carpet care and cleaning! I would not hesitate to call on Clean Sweep for your home or business. They efficiently get right down to the "dirt of the matter," and are a fun loving and caring family owned business! Call them today!

- Susan VanEssen, Google+

Ankeny Clean Sweep does a great job for me! I would highly recommend. Brian is always great to talk to and my carpets seriously look brand new when he leaves. It makes our whole house look cleaner!! I've had Brian clean our carpets 5 times now and wouldn't even think of using anyone else. Thank you! 

- Anthony Hodges, Google+

I was skeptical about ANY carpet cleaning service... I've NEVER had a positive experience until now. Clean Sweep restored a carpet that we thought we'd have to replace.... GREAT JOB!

- Jan Mickelson, Ankeny